What is Monkey’s Gone To Heaven?

It’s everything you need. An alternative take on cultural events, film, literature, politics, music and art. You name it, we’ll seize it with both hands and give it a shake. Dedicated to speaking the unspeakable, Monkey’s Gone To Heaven is for everyone who likes their news fun, fresh and controversial. Jump on the bandwagon, you know you want to.

Are you new?

No. Maybe. Okay a little bit. But only for now. That’s how age works. The site will continue to be chopped and changed for a while, so don’t be alarmed. Just imagine we’ve always been here…

So what’s in it for me? 

A lot you self-centered humanoid, you. Monkey’s Gone To Heaven is here to guide you through the mire of life. We’ll let you know which films, books and albums are worth the hype. We’ll lead you delicately through the cultural triumphs and failures of the moment. (Julian Assange a-who? Barack-a what-y what?) Oh and did I mention you could win some cool shit too?  

Is there room for my unquenchable anger and hatred for the world? (whimper)

Sorry, ‘fraid not. Well not the hatred bit anyway. Feel free to spew your anger at the colour of Miley Cyrus’ new socks if you see fit. That’s what comment boxes are for after all. But please, be respectful. It’s not a big ask. In the words of Rev. Al Green (and now Barack Obama) ‘Let’s Stay Together…’

Great, I’m in! How do I make sure I never miss a Monkey’s Gone To Heaven post EVER, EVER again? 

Good question. See that ‘Follow’ button at the top of the page? Press it. And keep your eyes peeled for regular updates…


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