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My Oh Miley, What Have Ye Done?

miley-cyrus-vmaFrom now on, August 25th 2013 will forever be known as ‘twerk-gate.’

Or Miley meltdown.

How about Slut Shame Cyrus day?

That’s got a ring to it. We could make it an annual holiday. Every time it rolls around we can put on our haughtiest, shittiest voices and judge the crap out of any woman who dares to stick her head above the parapet.

I’ve refrained from voicing my opinions on Miley Cyrus’s utterly disastrous VMA performance because there was just so much wrong with it. I mean, SO MUCH wrong with it. It was hideous, the whole thing was one of the most embarrassing spectacles I’ve ever witnessed and it’s obvious that the rest of the world feels the same.

It was that curious air of desperation that really got me. I wasn’t particularly offended by the skin on show. I wasn’t angered by the fact that she’s a former Disney star or that her dad was on the MTV board and presumably sanctioned every twerk, dry hump and gyration that she performed.

It just made me sad to watch, because her ignorance is the only thing that’s blinding her to the fact that the whole world WANTS to see her fall.

If she weren’t such an over privileged, rich, WHITE woman – she’d know that. But she’s spent her entire life demanding things and never being refused. Miley Cyrus doesn’t know what it’s like to be disagreed with. She’s been raised to believe that no matter what she does, people will love her.RobinThickeBlurredRaunch600

Because she’s thin, beautiful and incredibly wealthy – not because she’s a caring, kind individual with a rich personality. At least that’s my guess, anyway.

I don’t like Miley Cyrus. In case that’s not entirely clear yet.

I think that her performance was borderline racist, whether or not she realised it. I think that she’s obnoxious, arrogant and extremely ignorant towards the cultures that she repeatedly appropriates and then discards as quickly as her fickle nature dictates.

I do not like the girl. But I hate the way that she’s been treated because she’s a woman.

I have read countless articles, blog posts, magazine features and reviews that have torn this 20 year old to pieces because she dared to make her sexuality a focal point. It doesn’t matter whether it was an appropriate move or not – what matters is the fact that I have read precisely NO articles, blog posts, magazine features or reviews that have made even the tiniest mention of the fact that Robin Thicke MUST have agreed to his part in this performance.

Oh yes, the Blurred Lines singer has gotten away scot free from this one. He’s slunk off rather quietly whilst Cyrus has been repeatedly blasted for grinding against a married man.

miley-cyrus-we-cant-stop-1-650-430I mean, how dare she? How dare she rope a fully functioning, sentient, independent man in his thirties and force him to agree to such a lewd public performance? He, obviously, can’t have known what would happen. And by the time he was on stage with Miley’s twerk all over his evidently unwilling crotch, he must have been too frightened to do anything but look like the cat that got the cream.

If you’ve already forgotten, Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video has done more to damage feminism this year than a thousand silly Miley twerk-athons. Yet, the singer almost instantly jetted off on holiday after the VMA scandal broke, leaving his TWENTY YEAR old partner in crime to face the media barrage alone.

Yes, she’s a silly girl who has more than she deserves. Her use of what she thinks is ‘black culture’ should be duly questioned. It’s not okay to slap black women’s arses live on stage. It’s not okay to  bound round Hollywood twerking and calling yourself ‘Lil Kim inside’ without any awareness of what you’re doing or who you’re offending.

But we can’t isolate her from the reality of the situation – there was an entire committee of people responsible for that performance. There was a 36 year old man involved in the performance, a man who presumably never uttered a word of protest when the idea was presented to him.

Miley Cyrus isn’t being criticised because her performance was racist or harmful to young viewers.

She’s being savaged by the western world because she’s young, attractive and FEMALE.

By all means, be all three. Be a beautiful, young woman – but don’t you ever, ever feel comfortable with that. Because the world will knock you down faster than you can say ‘twerk.’ You can count on that.


4 thoughts on “My Oh Miley, What Have Ye Done?

  1. I’m glad there’s someone else out there who isn’t demonizing her for this performance. To me, it’s simply the same thing as always – women are demanded to present themselves as sex toys, then vilified for doing precisely that. I harbor no resentment to Miley Cyrus. Of course, I personally would not have chosen to even be in the same room as Robin Thicke, let alone perform with him, but that’s me, and she’s her. Anyway as usual everyone is up in arms about “traditional morals”, “family values” and all the typical BS even though those conservative ideals are precisely what leads to objectification of women to begin with – hence the vicious circle/catch 22 of the virgin-whore identity women are demanded to live up to.

    You might like my recent post on the subject:

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