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I Don’t Believe In God & I Don’t Believe In Russia, But I Do Believe In Love

2326893I hate to say it, I mean I really hate to say it, but none of this shouting and yelling that’s been going on will change what’s happening in Russia. I sincerely wish it would but it won’t. And that’s not to say that high profile figures like Stephen Fry shouldn’t continue to try and bring the situation to the attention of the government, they absolutely should – but it won’t change anything.

The Sochi Winter Olympics of 2014 will go ahead as planned. They’ll go ahead because there’s just too much money riding on them – there are too many backhanders flying around and too many palms being greased for it to be any other way. And that’s politics, I understand that. What I don’t understand is just how the international community is going to deal with the consequences.

It’s just like Stephen Fry said – they gave Hitler the 1936 Olympics and it gave him the reassurance that what he was doing and what he was planning was acceptable. If Russia hosts the 2014 Winter Olympics and it will – we’re telling the world that we don’t mind what’s happening there. We’re saying that it’s a necessary evil. We’re saying that as long as everything goes to plan and everybody wins what they’re expected to, who gives a shit?

We’re not just talking about a bit of homophobic abuse anymore, though that shouldn’t be tolerated either. Gay men and women are being assaulted and raped and murdered whilst their government watches. I can’t imagine anything more horrific. Especially considering the fact that Russia is such a culturally bold and vibrant place. They’ve got massive balls in Russia – just look at Pussy Riot and the punishment they’ve taken for their stand against tyranny.

It makes me so sad to read Stephen Fry’s words, these words…

“I am begging you to resist the pressures of pragmatism, of money, of the oily cowardice of diplomats and to stand up resolutely and proudly for humanity the world over, as your movement is pledged to do. Wave your Olympic flag with pride as we gay men and women wave our Rainbow flag with pride. Be brave enough to live up to the oaths and protocols of your movement.”

It makes me sad because it’s not going to make any difference. And I don’t mean just the one voice and I’m not trying to say that the world isn’t yelling hard enough about this. I’m afraid that my cynicism just won’t abate. This hideous miscarriage of justice will be allowed to go ahead – mark my words. Money and the oily cowardice of diplomats will always, always win out.

Homophobia has become the racism of our age. We might be moving forward in terms of multiculturalism but we’re stuck in the mud when it comes to sexuality.384261-russia

Lord knows, I don’t understand it.

I couldn’t care less who you want to fuck as long as it’s legal and you’re enjoying yourself. I expect the same from you, dear reader. There aren’t many things in this world as versatile and as multi-faceted as the L-word and no, I don’t mean lesbians.

Love is all we have.

There are wars and famine, sexual assault and child abuse. There is genocide and organised religion, inequality and pure, unadulterated hatred. There is a lot of bad in this world.

And love chews it all up and spits it back out.

I’m not gay and I’m not a Jew like Stephen Fry. I’m a well off, well looked after white bisexual with no interest in religion to speak of. I don’t believe in a god and if I did it certainly wouldn’t be a god  who’d allow such hideous fucking treatment of human beings.

But I do believe in love and and I believe in making love to whomever makes you happy.


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  1. “Homophobia has become the racism of our age. We might be moving forward in terms of multiculturalism but we’re stuck in the mud when it comes to sexuality.”

    I couldn’t agree more, but perhaps for the wrong reasons. The emphasis wasn’t present in the quote, but when I read it the emphasis is on “our age.” We view racism and homophobia as essentially similar, but in my mind there’s a good deal of evidence that future generations will look at our so-called ‘struggle’ with homophobia as something mildly embarrassing, inexplicable and only useful to history graduate students (perhaps also to a few left-of-center intellectuals looking to make connections that no one honestly believes).

    By this I mean the future will be one where sexual orientation will be another facet of our bodies that will be absolutely controlled by our whims through pharmaceuticals or, perhaps, an invasive surgery. It’ll be something like glasses, or perhaps hair color. The struggle, the one we now identify with the struggle of racism, will be construed as good intentioned but ultimately irrelevant. Not exactly progress (who would ever say that it was ‘moral’ progress to stop making fun of people with nearsightedness?) but still a good thing. Dismissed, of course, by most as a bizarrely preoccupying concern for self-declared conservatives and progressives ‘of the benighted turn of the century politics.’ Alike to, say, lefthandedness. Stopping students from slapping students for writing with the left simply does not translate the same way ‘actual’ progress does like the Rev. MLK but that is still a far cry from something important.


    • you know nothing of the human condition and have no concept of what opening this pandora’s box will bring on society. human sexuality has a moral component and there are consequences when that morality is ignored. you are obviously not a student of history.

  2. I lived through the love revolution of the 60’s and I assure you it loses out when faced with the reality of discrimination and stubborn attitudes. I have always lived with live and let live. Maybe you would call it love, I call it I will leave you to your thoughts and you should do the same for me.

  3. Thank you for speaking out, making a statement and taking a stand for freedom to love. I agree wholeheartedly with you.

  4. I am sorry to say it, but I really, really do not understand why all the criticism is directed at Russia. Is it the multiculturalism you mention that prevents you from speaking out against those Muslim countries where homosexuality is criminal and often punished in the capital way? One of those countries is to host the World Football Championship. No one as much as whispers against it.

    Why Russia, really? It is not true that police is doing nothing when gay people are killed. There was a case when a guy came out in a company of four totally drunk homophobic working-class non-working beer buddies. And they killed him. And they will be prosecuted for that. This kind of coming-out in, say, the UK may end up in a very similar way. Just assume someone coming out in a company of four fundamentalist Islamists (there are plenty of those in any European country). THe guy with the flag on your top photo popped up in the midst of a fete of a very homophobic group of former marines. He is still alive, thanks to the police that had to fight several dozens of drunk reservists.

    What is sad about Russia is that it effectively prohibited any openness about being homosexual, and did not give full marital/child adoption rights to homosexual men/women, and Russia does not punish homophobic idiots. But it did not make homosexuality criminal.

    Why don’t you/Stephen Fry direct criticism at the Arabic world or Islam that often wants homosexuals to be just…killed? I believe that the issue of NOT KILLING homosexual people is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than a ban on children adoption.

    Give Russia some time. Homosexuality was criminal in this country as recently as 20 years ago. You can’t change a society overnight. And if the Olympic games are boycotted it will only aggravate the problem, not solve it.

    I am really puzzled – it is not that I criticise you or something, for you are indisputably right on the love account, like Dostoevsky joining hands with Leo Tolstoy.

    • Thank for the reply, I appreciate your opinion whether it’s different to mine or not.

      I’m very conscious of the fact that I’m coming from a place that’s very different to Russia. I’m conscious of the fact I can’t have all of the facts because I’m British – the only information I get about Russia is through books and from the news. My opinion is just that, an opinion. So, I’ll always concede to anyone who knows more than I do about the situation.

      You make an excellent point about the World Football Championship. I don’t believe that that should be allowed to go ahead in that country either. For me personally, religion in general is very damaging and the world would be a much better place without it.

      Again, I hate to say it but I think that there’s a strange blindness on the part of white westerners. We’re aware of the terrible things that happen all over the world but we’re guilty of only really emotionally connecting when it involves other white westerners.

      I’m an avid supporter of gay rights and I’m very aware of the horrific conditions that gay men and women still face all over the world, not just in Europe. I focused specifically on the situation in Russia because it’s making huge waves in the media at the moment. Similar situations that happen outside Europe rarely get the media coverage that the situation in Russia has had and though it’s not an isolated case, by any means – I do believe that support for gay rights ANYWHERE is a positive thing.

      I believe that there are a lot of very good people in Russia who are bound by some very bad, very backwards ideas. I sincerely hope that they get the president they deserve one day.

      • Thank you for coming back. You say, “we’re guilty of only really emotionally connecting when it involves other white westerners”, but Russia is not really “white” and it is not really “western”. It is the most European of Asian countries (even though a half of it is technically in Europe), it has Asian mentality, it has no traditions of democracy, its view on women is Asian, and its view on life is fatalistic, that is anti-protestant. Why then all this outcry about Russia, specifically, in the British media? Because gay rights today is just a political tool which has nothing to do with rights. Boycotting Russian vodka or the Olympics will change nothing. If you start voting for politicians who really care about gay rights, then there might be a change. It is not about Russians voting against Putin. It is about British voting against Cameron. But, as you are very well aware, when it comes to elections, British people (just like people in any other country) turn out to be caring much more about their electricity and gas bills than equality. 😉

        Again, thank you for coming back, I know what it is to sift through comments after freshly pressed )

    • It’s because Russia is in the news and steps outside of what we’re over-inundated with. We expect backwards and harsh punishments from the countries you mentioned, where extremists take a religion to its most poisonous and degraded place. We don’t expect it of Russia, whom we’ve all hoped would lead the way towards freedom after the fall of communism. Plus, they look like us, and if the people that look like us can do heinous things, what are we capable of? And if we’re capable of it, doesn’t that mean we should set ourselves up to NEVER be part of it?

      • Hans, Thank you for coming back on this comment. You know, it is the second comment mentioning Russians as valid targets because “they look like us”. It is a very subtle admission of racism, because it assumes people who “do not look like us” are somehow capable of atrocities that would be inexusable otherwise. I really really wonder where and how did all these expectations about RUssia leading the way emerge? Nothing in the history of Russia makes these assumptions possible. Is just the skin colour then?

    • I think that the reason Russian law is coming under fire right now and the far more oppressive laws in the Arabic world are not is simply because the oppressive laws of the Arabic world are a big reason that the Olympics have never been held there. No one is trying to pretend that the laws in Islamic theocracies are not inhumane. We just tend not to host world events such as the Olympics or the World Cup in those countries. The problem with Russia is that by allowing that country to host world events, we are not only supporting the oppressive regime, but we are to some degree putting our athletes and fans in a potentially harmful situation. I agree with this piece though. Unless something VERY DRASTIC happens after the IOC election next month, the Olympics will indeed take place in Russia. The only thing left for individuals to do is decide what level of support they are giving to the situation. No individual gets to decide whether or not their country sends athletes to compete. An individual can decide not to watch the games, not to purchase merchandise, or not to support Olympic sponsors. Most of these will likely be empty gestures as well, but it might make an individual feel somewhat better to be able to say that they did not give any of their time or money to support the anti-gay legislation in Russia.

      • Thanks for coming back on this. Again, there’s going to be the world soccer championship in Qatar. I think I mentioned it.

        There’s been a post recently on FP about the need to NOT boycott the games. It is amazing how passionate it was. From a gay woman, mind you, not a Russian agent. And she vehemently opposed me when I said that boycotting the games may have a long-term influence on attitudes of people inside RUssia.

  5. “Homophobia has become the racism of our age. We might be moving forward in terms of multiculturalism but we’re stuck in the mud when it comes to sexuality.”

    I really loved this line in your post. Wonderful writing that brings to light some serious issues the upcoming generations are going to have to continue to battle with in the coming years, both culturally and politically.

  6. This is perfect.

    Except, cause I’m an asshole, for the one qualm that I have.

    When you say, “I couldn’t care less who you want to fuck as long as it’s legal…” it kinda implies (even though this was clearly not at all your intention – I’m assuming you meant consent or something like that) that if gay marriage is illegal, or sodomy if is illegal, then you shouldn’t do it.

    I’m just being nit picky cause I studied the legal system for five years, and I’ve seen how willingly people are to adopt its framework as a sort of moral code… which is silly, because legal system’s are not meant to guide ethics, but to regulate and monitor our actions – that’s all (which I’d figure you’d agree with). Erugh, now I feel like an asshat – cause I loved your post, and focused on the downer. Sorry. Take a follow and a cup of iced peach tea as recompense. *hands over tea*

    • Haha, why thankyou. I very much appreciate the follow.

      You make a good, if nitpicky, point. My words were probably careless in that respect. I’m glad that you understood what I really meant. I just tend to believe that as long as you’re not causing anybody any pain or distress and that you’re ‘having fun’ with another consenting person – you should be able to do whatever you like behind closed doors. And that goes for all consenting sexual practices – if that makes sense. Life is too short to feel ashamed of ourselves. Do what makes you happy with somebody that makes you happy.

      • Agreed, agreed, and agreed. Again, sorry. I just perk up whenever I hear anything loosely translatable suggesting blind obedience to the legal system. Screw the conceptual man, man. Screw ‘im or ‘er. Screw ’em.

  7. Extremely well and intelligently spoken. The homosexual community needs voices like yours. It’s a crying shame, in so many parts of the world, that the community is met so violently, and that we even have to use words that segregate that community from other communities. Love is love, plain and simple. Thank you for this post. I wish you nothing but love, happiness and acceptance in your life.

  8. The law is justified for Russia at the present times /it is a credit to the Russian Govt
    as it be to Putin / he could have put politics first as himself first / he did not / as govt
    did not / they put first the rights of the child to be protected from whom would abuse
    as take advantage of very vulnerable children / whom deserving as need protection.

    Chilldren can only benifet from the law in place to protect them it is necessery and
    it should not be used as a stick to beat a Russian govt /such would be most unjust
    rather credit & praise should be directed to the Russian Govt & Putin & applauded
    the olympic games should go ahead and not be used as a means harming Russia.

    Of course one need take account the USA will play a anti Russia propaganda tit
    for tat / where Russia gave sanctuary to a american individual whom had to flee
    the USA thus not be arrested by a USA Govt / as he dared informing a american
    public that the USA govt was breaking the law by invading their internet privacy
    as gaining access to their phone calls their internet mailing / which totally illegal.

    In regard to those whom use gay people as excuse to vent their anger / brutality
    such people are but morons / thugs / they look for any excuse in using violence
    thus the Govt should use the full force of the law against them /as they deserve.

    Russia is going through changing times one change is children need protection
    the Russian Govt took a bold step in giving that protection/ thus deserve praise
    Its not a anti gay agenda it simply an practical measure that at this time needed
    providing protection for children as a sign to all that the Govt serves the people.

    Via the open internet their being no lack of advice as support if the child or the
    adult being gay / it’s simply not a anti gay law / but an law in offering protection
    to those whom most vulnerable / from those whom would do them great wrong.

    • You can pretend that a law like this protects children all you want, it doesn’t make it so. Children are not endangered by the sexual preference of their parents. Children generally do not know or care about sex or sexuality until they reach puberty and become curious. The law is actually more likely to harm children than to protect them as *GASP* it is usually around the point of puberty when a person realizes what their own sexuality is. It is difficult enough for a child to realize that they are homosexual without ridiculously punitive laws such as this one that are propped up by small minded fools that honestly believe that they are helping.

  9. The emphasis on love, attracted me. racism,homophobia, discrimination of women, give rise to hatred in the society. the normal life is disturbed. There was a saying ‘where there is respect for women, that is a civilized society’, but i say where there is no respect for humans, that is a uncivilized society. i believe in God and i believe in love and i believe in God is love.

  10. as soon as you use the word homophobia you lose all credibility. its just a club used to dismiss any arguments whatever. also labelling people as haters because they disagree with you is just childish. fact is you do care about who’s fucking who. I’m pretty sure you would be against a person fucking his dog, or a brother fucking his sister, or a mother fucking her son. what you mean is you want the yard sticks on what is sexually acceptable moved down the field to accomodate your personal morality. What you can accept. the problem is there is always someone out there willing to push the yardsticks further than you like and then what? you start whining about how perverted that is. or how that behaviour isn’t right. really? you opened that can of worms. try putting the lid back on. oh and that mud? we’re not stuck in it we’re wallowing in it.

  11. I’ve been an ally since age 5, when Mom told me why Uncle John and Uncle Tony didn’t bring girlfriends to parties at our house. “They love each other. Doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a man loves other men.” “Oh, like Aunt Beadie and Aunt Thelma?” She said yes, that’s called lesbian.

    Pretty simple reasoning, and it shaped my life as an activist. I actually had urged AllOut.org to start a petition to boycott the Olympics… I am a cockeyed optimist, as Richard Rodgers called it, one who believes people will do the right thing. I know this is a pie in the sky hope, but it would make a bold statement, something our president seems big on doing but poorly on backing up with actions…

    Love, love, love. I’m from the Christian Left (United Church of Christ) and we are all about the love, the embrace of everyone – not JUST LGBTs, but mentally ill (I’m the pastor’s wife, and I have manic depression and PTSD), wheelchairs, kids with autism. Our 11 am service, our moms and dads (and dads and dads, etc) are often blended race families, and they never take their kids out when they are crying. We are used to everyone being themselves.

    I know you are atheist, and I don’t blame you, I mean, it took a mighty slap upside the head for me to even think about god, and for all the reasons you mention. I have said in prayer, “I mean, God, those tornados, WTF?” (I swear when I pray – a lot. No lightning bolts yet!!)

    Keep on living that love. That’s the best we can do. And keep signing petitions, even if you know they are for naught. The doing is what’s important, the feeling that you are trying to make a better, safer world for us and our kids and on down the line until Monsanto poisons us all… THANK YOU for your words, and congrats on being “Freshly Pressed”! Love and more love, Amy Barlow Liberatore, Madison, WI

    • I wholeheartedly agree! The very last thing that people should do is stop signing petitions and trying to bring change. Change will only come with hope and the type of optimism that you have – it’s true. I, personally, find it hard to be optimistic in the face of such terrible hatred but it’ll never stop me from supporting the causes that I believe in.

      As for religion – it isn’t my thing, that’s true. But I know full well that there are lots and lots of kind, caring Christians like yourself out there who have all the love in the world for others – whether they’re gay or straight. It’s just a shame that that goodness is so often overshadowed by those minority groups who preach hatred.

  12. What I don’t get though is why all eyes are on Russia when there are at least 50 other countries that punish homosexuality. Saudi Arabia stones people for homosexuality and yet everyone buys oil from them.

    Qatar is going to host the world cup and they also have similar laws. I don’t see anybody protesting about that.

    Russia may be wrong, but why is everybody so accepting of the other wrongs?

    • You’re absolutely right. I personally believe that it’s all wrapped up in issues of race but that’s purely my own opinion.

      Gay rights are very close to my heart and I’m very aware of the conditions that gay men and women still face around the world. It absolutely isn’t fair that all eyes are on Russia and on Russia only, but hopefully – the media coverage given to this story will have a ripple effect and we’ll all start to take more notice. It is all too easy for white westerners to only emotionally connect with tragedies that affect other white westerners and I’ve got to include myself in that, I guess. We’ve still got a whole lot of work to do before we can call our society a fair and equal one.

  13. This is an opportunity to effect an even bigger message to the world about gay rights. If enough gay or pro gay rights athletes refuse to accept medals from Russia it will bring tremendous international shame for them. Encourage the athletes to pledge to refuse medals if they win. Winning medals is a huge mark of pride for every country involved in the Olympics. If they are worried their top athletes won’t bring home a medal because of Russia’s human rights issues they will crank up the political pressure.

    • That’s a superb idea. Again, my cynical nature tells me that it won’t happen but I think that if it did, changes would quickly follow. If the leaders of the world won’t take action, the people must.

  14. Here here. Looking back through history it’s hard not to by cynical. Legal and social attitudes toward homosexuality have cycled throughout the ages from acceptable and practiced to illegal and punished and back a forth for the past 2000+ years. Russia is entering a period of repression, and we can’t help but be reminded of the repression that heralded the dawning of the Nazi era.

    In the end all we can do is love. Thank you for the reminder!


  15. ~ This is an enlightening read. Sad to say, there are people without realization and sometimes, if not always, there’s no respect and empathy. It makes me think that “some” humans are not humans at all because of their inhumane acts. Congrats on being FP! – Bliss, The Lurker’s List

  16. What is required is a little less mind and in its place further development of
    a working brain / thus the senses which are running wild in a material realm
    in being brought under control / allowing an advancement in understanding
    as experience of greater depth unto the purpose of creation as of ones life.

    I’ll write a further comment soon as how it being achieved that the needed
    progress in human understanding / needed experience be /best achieved.

  17. I think homophobia is a word created to paint an inaccurate picture of anyone who holds to certain beliefs that might disagree with you and your post. For instance… since the name of this post includes “I don’t believe in God…” I’m assuming you’re an atheist. So the “God believing community” could create a word like “Godphobia” and possibly suggest that Godphobia might be the racism of our age. Just a thought…

    • Well, I appreciate your point but I don’t agree. Homophobia is a valid term. It very often comes hand in hand with religion but it is not the same thing, I don’t believe that at all. I don’t believe that being a Christian and personally believing that homosexuality is wrong could be called homophobia. But I do believe that causing distress or harm to a homosexual person because you don’t believe that it’s right IS homophobia. But yes, there’s a distinct difference. For me personally, the two are inextricably linked because I’m a bisexual person and I don’t believe in God. I’m sure that there are lots and lots of Christians out there who are kind and loving, who treat gay people like they treat everybody else – whilst not personally agreeing with the life that they lead.

      • Samantha… in that light… you are correct. I suppose there are people who should be called homophobic… but I’ve seen the word used much too often to label the people you describe… that is, those who treat homosexuals kindly but simply disagree with their lifestyle. Such people don’t deserve the label… but others do. Point taken.

        A true Christian, by definition, is a loving, graceful, person, who like God, allows others to make their own choices in life. If you find a person, who, claiming to be a Christian, is rude, hateful, or threatening to a homosexual or anyone else for that matter… they are not really a Christian… they just think they are.

  18. I agree with you, but I can’t stand by and not make my voice heard. Silence changes nothing. It may not change the laws in Russia, or where the Olympics are held, but I can’t believe it does nothing. Awareness is something.

  19. If tbe Olympics are boycotted,not only will it raise consciousness about injustice to the LBTGQ community; for one brief, shining moment,it will also shine a light on the excesses of capitalism. I believe it can happen if we can put greed aside for the sake of the common good.

  20. You might not believe in God but He believes in you. I agree with you that it’s terrible that people are being hurt and abused for their sexuality, but don’t blame God. His Word says we should respect everyone. What is happening is man’s inhumanity to man. I will pray for God to intervene.

  21. It’s almost a little creepy to me what’s happening over there. I mean, Russia’s got its history of oppression and such but you would think they would be progressing in social issues, not regressing.

    • Exactly! What creeps me out is the lack awareness up until this point. I mean, I can’t be naive enough to think that this is a new thing, so why is this coming to light now and only now? For people in the rest of the world, I mean. Why do we only care when our own interests are at stake?

      • I think the awareness is there, it’s more a matter of – what the heck do we do about it? Can we do anything? A lot of issues that are important to people get sacrificed at the “diplomatic” altar all the time.

  22. Very well said, and I sympathise. This certainly isn’t all that new in Russia. The old Soviet Union of which Russia was the largest state also repressed homosexuals, and this appears to be an extension of this. But since the Soviets also killed and repressed so many other people, this was almost never considered particularly newsworthy; until the 1970s, the U.S didn’t treat homosexuals much better.

    This is ironic, considering how conservative Christian homophobes in the U.S often link gay equality with communism. Though Russia is no longer a communist country, it is still very much authoritarian. Hopefully international pressure can help put a stop to these tragedies, though similar things happen throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia too. Russia seems to have too much trouble with moving forward, its past is too often its present.

  23. Before christianity the way of celebration in
    worshiping the power of creation was in that
    of sexual liberation / celebration t’was not as
    experienced presently in christian churches
    some boring person / reading boring words
    from a halfbaked bible which total fiction in
    two parts / the first part being the ramblings
    of jews /second part the halfbaked ramblings
    of christians claiming JESUS is “Gods Son”.

    Pre – christianity in worshiping the power of
    creation was in dance wine and sexual orgy
    a great time being had by all / if be gay then
    gay abandonment / bisexual then it bisexual
    abandonment / in such time’s folk were not
    burdened by present (christian sexual guilt).

    One’s genetic sexual structure is very real
    such the result of material genetic pooling
    it’s totally wrong for some not having basic
    respect for anothers genetic structure / to
    be cruel hurtful agin individuals / which is
    born of halfbaked religious ideas / beliefs.

    The point be SEX not a SIN it’s a source
    of great pleasure / christianity has made
    SEX a SIN / as all be born of SEX then
    all SINNERS / all should be burdened in
    guilt / life should be only daily suffering.

    However if be you turn to christianity as
    accept JESUS as the son of God / then
    JESUS will remove your SIN / thus free
    of SIN you’llbe gain entry to an fictional
    heaven where JESUS and GOD LIVE.

    How can JESUS remove your SIN ?.
    Some may ask. Answer be christians
    claim JESUS born to a virgin / being
    born unto a virgin ( not born of SIN )
    such bit of fraudulant spin earns the
    various branches of christianity an
    yearly turnover of $millions / people
    book a place in an fictional heaven.

    The bible part one as two being the
    worlds biggest running frauds ever.

    I will write a further comment soon
    as how one can go beyond ideas
    beliefs knowing God via practical
    understanding TRUE experience
    no fraud / no lies / and no deceit.

  24. Violence against others is never acceptable, but stop blaming God for the horrific actions of other people…people have free will to make choices about their words, actions, and behaviors. Why is an atheist concerned about the question of evil in an atheistic worldview devoid of purpose, design, or morality? Where does your “love” for others come from–out of a mechanized, random world? I think not. The problem of evil is not one for Christianity, but is one for atheists because it shouldn’t exist in their worldview. Your passion for the injustice against people for the choices they make for their own lives is admirable, indeed, and I respect that, but you have to ask: where does this passion for good and righting the wrongs come from? It comes from the truth you know in your heart, but fail to confess with your lips. There’s no such thing as an atheist because it is impossible for anyone to live according to what an atheist professes…it is a mask of self-deception about objective truth and morality in the world today.

    I pray this violence ceases quickly.

  25. It’s almost like you’re describing a dystopian world. Truth is (at least I think it’s the truth) money rules the world. Or oil. Or GNP. Or whatever happens to provide standard of living and comfort. People try to squeeze a little love into the program, at least when it doesn’t intersect adversely with other people and motives. I’m all for love don’t get me wrong. And gaydom? Like the pope said, “it’s not for me to say”. Sometimes it’s better to leave things alone and let people live. Pendulums have a way of changing whatever is out of vogue, in vogue, bad, good etc.

  26. Bravo on every word of this post. Fun fact: I’m a believer in God, but I’m 100% behind you on this post, as humans are complete and utter dickwads when it comes to religion.

  27. i’m another in agreement. I did however take the words “I’m not a Jew, like Stephen Fry” a bit personally……just the tone made me get goosebumps. but I see your point. We can’t help who we love. That’s all it comes down to.

    • I was merely trying to emphasise the fact that I couldn’t be more different to somebody like Stephen Fry. That it doesn’t who you are or whether you can directly relate to being a gay individual or not, that doesn’t affect how strongly you can feel about an issue of this magnitude.

  28. A beautiful piece of writing on horrible incidents we see on the media.

    “I do believe in love and and I believe in making love to whomever makes you happy.”

    Totally my point of view! I hope that my children and their children will live more and more in a world where people realize that love is all there is.

  29. I have a divided stand on the issue. From one hand, I believe that we should just host winter Olympics in Vancouver again and tell Russia to shove it. However, doing that just means we are allowing bullies to do whatever they want.

    There are gay families with kids and, guess what, their kids will be taken away from them based on the new law.

    On the other hand, I think athletes and supporters should run around with rainbow flags during Olympics. Stand their ground tell Russia that taking human rights away from Russian people that happen to be gay is a crime.

    We are not talking about just Olympics and homosexuality. We are talking about real Russian people with kids and families. We are talking about human beings who deserve to be happy. However, I would want history to repeat itself. Fighting for what’s right is the greatest thing ever but dying ??? I do not know. I do not want people to get killed or tortured because that’s the way Russia is. Their legal system works depending on how much money you have or how much government agrees with reasoning behind violence.

    Yes, there are 3 world countries , Arabic countries, 2 world counties where human rights do not exist unless you are straight and male but, unfortunately, those countries do not know how to use mass media and how to scream out laud, and they do not get the visibility that other, more civilized, countries get.

    Why Russia? Because Russia is visible, because Russian activists know how to get the world to listen and to notice. I can even say that world is changing one step at a time, one country at a time. We will get to middle east, we will get to Africa, we will get to south america…

  30. Love every word you writing. It’s so important to have people like you/us in the world. This is love and that’s the most important in the end.

  31. A brilliant piece of writing. I wish I could say that you are wrong – but, sad to relate, I think you have hit the nail on the head. Alienora

  32. Reblogged this on ldpaszli and commented:
    Russia’s intolerance to the gay community is not acceptable and poses grave danger for the Olympic athlete’s participating in the games there. And just think about their own citizens…they are under constant worry of being physically abused, arrested and taken to jail where they will be further abused for sure.

  33. Great post. The Olympic Games should be about passion, tolerance and love. I’m afraid Russia can’t make that happen, with their hateful homophobic legislature. Also, the games will probably take place there regardless, as they did in China, after their human rights issues were highly debated before the Olymic Games in Beijing.

  34. Have you ever been to Russia? People are free here, they can date with any person. Even I have good friends who are lesbian. Only things which happen there become public. And that is not normal. You people hear many stories about Russia, but that is not necessary true. Same things could take place anywhere

  35. I enjoyed your writing, and I also read through some of comments people left here. There are many countries in which gay people are not allowed to love freely and openly. Just like there are still many countries where women can’t go to the police after being raped, because they are punished for it. I agree, people make deals with other countries because when it comes down to it, it’s about money and business. Sadly, religion is used as a weapon against certain groups, as a tool to control it’s followers. What can we do about it? We can continue to write, and fight within our circles. Keep writing.

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