Cara Delevingne: The Snub Nosed Queen

Barely ten days ago, London Fashion Week opened its doors.

With mascara marks still drying on the dressing room mirrors and stiletto prints still fresh on the runway, there are only two words on the lips of London.

Cara Delevingne

Blue eyed, blonde haired sensation, Cara Delevingne, has dominated London Fashion Week. Barely twenty years old, with a face so hot it could melt steel, Delevingne is what every in-the-know fashionista has come to recognise as ‘it.’

The next big thing? She’s it. The next Kate Moss? She’s it. Britain’s next top model? Bingo, she’s it.

Quite apart from the fact that she’s fast becoming the most rebellious young model since the days of Peggy Moffitt and and Penelope Tree, Delevingne just looks interesting. With those heavy brows, that strong jaw and the kind of wide, pinched mouth that Twiggy made famous, Delevingne simply screams ‘supermodel.’

And that nose, oh that nose.

Whilst the year’s biggest and brightest trends are usually decided on the catwalk, every so often a model comes along who changes that. Kate Moss did it in the 90’s with her waif-like frame. Lara Stone did it five years ago with that irresistible gap between her two front teeth.

Cara Delevingne is destined to be the torch bearer for snub nosed girls everywhere.

Perfectly formed and undeniably mischievous, the snub nose is 2013’s newest physical trend. It’s cute rather than all out sexy, playfully beguiling rather than sultry. It’s the Claudia Schiffer as opposed to the Adriana Lima, the Lolita over the Scarlett O’Hara.

Only problem is, the catwalks will soon be full of Cara Delevingne clones. Jam-packed full of cute, snub nosed look-alikes, desperately trying to cash in on the popularity of the hot, new thing.

But those girls won’t ever be Cara. They won’t ever catch that ‘lightening in a bottle’ sensation that she has. And that’s the real truth of fashion

Fashion is fleeting, flash in the pan, unpredictable. If the world wants you, it wants you for all that you are. It wants your wonky eyebrows and your strangely shaped mouth, your too large eyes and your flared nostrils.

There’s no ‘pretty’ on a catwalk. Pretty is dull, it’s commonplace.

High fashion is a home for the strange and the unique. It’s for girls who weren’t ‘hot’ in high school, for girls who’ve always been too tall, who’ve never had big boobs or dainty feet. Beauty means something different on the catwalk and that’s the way it should stay.

One day, it could be you. You, with your too thin brows, with your razor blade cheekbones and those freckles you used to hate.

You could be a star in the making. You could be the next big thing, the ‘it’ that they’re destined to be feverishly whispering about in the dressing rooms and press tents. You too could make it, if you can only learn to love you for you.

So, are you the face that breaks the mould?


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